Champion Trainers

Nick Atkins

Director/Personal trainer

I have been involved in martial arts for 16 years. I currently fight out of the Boonchu Gym and have been for the past 4 years. I practice kick boxing, Australian Rules football and all areas of strength and conditioning to maintain a physical and mental balanced lifestyle. As a personal trainer and professional fighter in muay thai kickboxing, I have a great understanding and experience In training individuals to achieve their specific health and fitness goals and offer continuous guidance in nutritional information as its the key to your permanent success, I specialise in One on One sessions, Group training, Kickboxing, Boxing, Strength and conditioning, Weight loss, endurance training, Sports specific, nutrition, body sculpting and fighting preparation.



Lauren Newman

Director/Personal trainer

With over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Personal Training, running bootcamps, Fitness challenges, Instructing free style and Lesmills group fitness classes. I know what it takes in emphasising health, wellbeing, support and constant motivation. I will deliver a positive vibe and outstanding determination to help bring out the best in you, as your wellbeing is my priority and passion. I will bring you from the ground up when you are feeling down or out of sorts and help you achieve all your health and fitness goals. Everybody wants to feel great and look terrific. The healthier lifestyle changes you make today can create enormous changes to the way you look and feel tomorrow. I specialise in weight loss, nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports specific, contest preparation, pre and post pregnancy. Optimum health gives better quality of life to do the things you love.


John Wayne Parr (JWP) My name is John Wayne Parr. Started Taekwondo at age 11 before moving onto Kickboxing at 13. After years of training I had my first fight at 14 years of age, and after a few years training and fighting I won my first Australian title at the age of 17, then a South Pacific title at 19. It was then I was lucky enough to be sponsored to live and train in Thailand for 4 years and had approx. 50 fights winning 2 world titles in Bangkok.Returning to Australia end of 1999 I opened my Gym Boonchu which has gone on to be one of the premier gyms in Australia. 2001 I boxed for a year having 13 pro fights with 10 wins, 10 KO’s and picking up an Australian title. After a year I returned to my true passion Muay Thai. Since then I have gone on to have 115 fights with 85 wins with 40 KO’s picking up 10 world titles.
Angie Parr My name is Angie Parr. I have been doing Muay Thai kickboxing for over 15 years!  I am a former 8 times USA Muay Thai Champion and winning an Amateur World title in Thailand in 2001. I won a Professional World Championship in 2010. I have recently retired in 2012 with 47 fights in my career.I have trained children, women, and men for many years; from fighting training to self defense.If you want to get fit and have a fight I can help push you in training and also get you lean and mean!!!
adrianAdrian Ormrod Hi my name is Adrian and I am the head trainer at Boonchu Gym, I have been the pad holder for champion fighters including John Wayne and Angie Parr, Flip Street, Thor Hooperman, Dan Soldier Jones.